Mielikin metsä

At the resevoir of eternal wisdom

Perinnesaunotusta, kansanperinnettä, mytologiaa ja ikiaikaista luonnon hoitavaa voimaa


Perinnesaunottaja johdattaa sinut saunan aineettoman kulttuuriperinnön äärelle.

Sauna alkaa metsästä.

Mythology and folktales take you to the wisdom of your ancestors.

Mielikin metsä - The forest of Mielikki is an exploration to the baltic-finnish mythology. The aim is to find the core and bring the ancient wisdom to modern man in a practical, understandable way. The viewpoint for this quest is the idea of gift economy.

The ancient traditions, based on mythology and the idea of a living connected world, may be strange and seem distant to our day-to-day life.

Mielikin metsän tarinat, loitsut, saunotukset sekä työpajat ovat silta nykyihmisen ja esivanhempien viisauden välille.

Mielikin metsä - Kansanperinne


Short wrintings on the baltic-finnish- folktradition.

Mielikin metsä kansanperinne


The the workshop you will find practical tools for bringing the ancestral wisdom to your life.

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Sauna-Akka, traditional sauna healer Laura Foon explores finnish cultural heritage from a practical and philosophical point of views. She bases her philosophy on the consepts of gift economy.

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