Business goes sauna 

The Finnish sauna traditions go kacj thousand of years. The healing and rejuvenating benefits are well known.

Mielikin metsä provides you guided, safe way to experience the pure, unique nature and saunatraditions.

Sauna office

Welcome to provide your staff the strategic edge to boost your business in the Sauna Office. Start you meeting with a relaxing saunaceremony, after which ideas will flow and you get the most out your day. The day will also end with a realxing saunaceremony to slow down and digest what the day has offered you.

Price: 10-20 persons 1900 € (possible sauna rent and servings not included)

Asks for specail offers for bigger groups.

Venue: Siltasaari sauna, Helsinki

Forest and sauna- essence of Finland

Guided walk though the forest during which you will hear folklore and mythical tales from the ancient times. You will also learn about the natural herbs and healing power of the plants. After the walk you will dive deep into the relaxing steam of sauna.

In the traditional saunaceremony you will get to experience healing whisking as well as ancient saunasongs and runes. as well as participate in a cleangsing bathingritual.

Price: for 10-20 persons 1900 € (incl vat 24%) (possible additional costs: saunarent and food)

Request an offer for bigger groups.

Duration: 6 hours

Additional services: Transportarion, guided saunatour in public saunas of Helsinki.

Offer request