Paja- the workshop of Mielikki is a platform for putting in to practice all the wisdom and theory of the heritage. 

What are spells or invocations?

Language beyond language. Spells and invocations are the words of creation. Humanbeing is a prisoner of words. We conceptualise our world by our words.

The lanquage of mythology, the language of the spells, offers a platform for expressing beyond the boundaries of our everyday mind, on the level of our subconsciouss being. Spells are words beyond limitations of time and space.

Spell for you need or event

Missing a spell to sing at you sauna? Or maybe an invocation for a special occasion. Search no more, contact me and order one, just for you!

  • hand written
  • includes a translations
  • possible interpetation included

Pay what you want. The payment details included with the order confirmation

Send a message via the form below and let me know of your needs about the spell or invocation.

Runes and spells workshop

Introduction to the baltic-finnish invocations and spell tradition

Guided singing and practical usage of the spells  

Lectures and workshops on the runes and spells

Starting from 299€

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